Four tips to help you ace your first week as a hotelier

2 min. read
Published 16 Apr. 2019

Being an awesome hotelier is a bit like being an awesome parent. You have to be everywhere at once. Prepared for inevitable calamities. Yet remain completely calm at all times. On the whole you should be known for your great sense of humour, level-headedness, and ability to juggle an infinite number of tasks without actually getting aggy.

Well, today we thought we'd address these points. These four qualities are essential for any successful hotelier.

1. Have eyes in the back of your head 
Being observant is an absolute must. You want to sort those stray electrical cables, crooked pictures, and smudgy mirrors as soon as possible. Even more importantly, you need to be able to read your guests' body language to anticipate what they're after ahead of time. If they look a bit flustered after a four-hour drive, they'll really appreciate a cup of tea and a helping hand with their luggage. Probably followed by a gin, if it's past midday.

2. Trust your gut
It's important to be able to think on your feet. At many points over the course of your hotel career, you'll be presented with some tricky decisions that need to be dealt with quickly and confidently. Trust your gut and follow your guns: effective problem-solving will minimise guest issues and keep your team motivated too.

3. Get stuck in
Play an active role in delivering a great guest experience. It's well worth putting in extra effort, rather than simply hoping that your guests are having a good time.
4. Be open to ideas
Chat to your team, read blogs (like this one) and adopt an open mind when it comes to learning new things. By keeping up to date with industry news and innovation in the hospitality sector, you can be sure you're always offering your guests the best experience.

At the end of the day, you will never get a second chance to make a first impression – so the most important thing of all is to love what you do. This is a surefire way to do well.