How to put a positive spin on negative feedback

2 min. read
Published 23 Oct. 2018

Up until 2017, our Product Advisor David owned a popular nearby hotel. He was lucky enough to receive stellar reviews throughout his time at the helm, but – like any good hotelier – he understood the importance of being appropriately prepared when confronted by a dissatisfied guest. Here are his top tips to turn negative feedback into something positive.

Always take time to hear the guest out
If a guest comes to you in person, make sure you treat their feedback seriously. Bear in mind that this is your opportunity to rectify the problem before the guest goes to TripAdvisor. So, offer to take them somewhere quiet where you can both sit down and discuss the issue at hand. Listen to their comments in full before you respond, and remember to look at things from their side.

Ask how you can turn the situation around
If a genuine mistake has been made, the best thing to do is to be honest with the guest. Try and put yourself in their shoes – if you were making the same complaint, how would you like it to be resolved? Apologise sincerely, and ask them what would help to improve the situation.

Keep an eye online
Sometimes – no matter how hard you try – you might still end up with a negative review on one of the third party sites. Don't bury your head in the sand – it's important to acknowledge these reviews in the same way you would a positive one. Make sure you note down any consistent problems so you can address those areas that might not be up to scratch.

Don't be afraid to ask for feedback
Issues are best dealt with when they're nipped in the bud, so embrace this by welcoming guests' feedback throughout their stay. Use their responses to enhance guest experience and give your team the confidence to excel. After they've checked out, consider sending a follow up email that thanks them for their stay and encourages them to leave a review. If you're already an Inn Style user, head to Account > Customised Emails > Post-Stay Email and we can take care of this process for you.

So, what do you make of David's tips? Do you agree?