Why you need to ditch enquiry forms now

2 min. read
Published 09 Apr. 2019

The enquiry form has had its day. Make sure your business keeps pace with guest expectations by giving them a quick, simple booking experience instead.

Here's why...

Guests don’t like uncertainty
Guests don’t know how long it'll take you to respond to their enquiry. Five minutes or five days? If they can't see your availability online, they're likely to head elsewhere.

Simultaneous searches
Time is precious and guests are impatient. They're probably flicking through tabs – looking for flights, train tickets, car hire and accommodation at the same time. If you can’t give them an instant answer, they’ll book somewhere that can.

The rise of late night bookings
Over 20% of all online bookings are made between 10pm and 8am. Fact. We doubt you want to be online in the middle of the night, so give your prospective guests the tools to book and pay online themselves.

Are you fed up with it too?
Enquiry forms are time consuming. Instead of playing telephone or email tag, think about all the things you could be doing.

Time to make the move online
Guests expect online booking. And your life will be much easier once you've hopped on the bandwagon. As soon as someone books, your availability calendar is instantly updated. This syncs automatically with any other booking channels that you use – meaning no more manual updating.

You'll also benefit from loads of helpful features such as automatic confirmation emails and payment requests.

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