Your planet needs you: Four easy steps to make your hotel more environmentally-friendly

3 min. read
Published 18 Dec. 2018

Read on to see how your business can go greener.

Over the past few years, environmental concerns have become more and more, well, concerning. Here are some practices that you can easily incorporate into the day-to-day running of your hotel, to help your business become that little bit more environmentally-friendly.

1. Drinks
You probably know the positive effects that come with getting rid of single-use plastic straws. If you’ve already banned or reduced their usage, well done. If you haven’t, you really should. Take a look at the companies that have already made the commitment.

Other small changes include replacing single-use plastic water bottles with ones made of glass. (It also looks fancier, which is an added bonus).

2. Lighting
Cut down on your energy consumption by using energy-efficient lightbulbs or automatic lighting in hallways and rooms. Not only will you be helping the planet, but you’ll also notice your bills aren't quite as astronomically high as before.

3. Towels and toiletries
A hotel bathroom is a notoriously wasteful space. Endless plastic bottles of mini toiletries, piles of freshly and dried washed towels – you know, everything that helps guests to relax and leave behind the mess and madness at home.

Little changes here can have a huge impact. Few people would expect clean towels and bed linen on a daily basis at home, so encourage guests to have the same attitude at your hotel. Let them know that you’re happy to refresh towels (if they’re left in the shower/bath/wash basket/on the floor) but that you’d appreciate them being hung up and reused if possible.
It’s also worth evaluating the lotions and potions you use. Again, not many people would go through a plastic bottle of shampoo each day. Research eco-friendly toiletries, consider decanting into reusable containers, or look at recycling wasted soaps. As the well-known saying goes, every little helps.

4. Paper waste
Paper diaries, paper receipts and paper invoices are the main offenders here. If you’re not already using a property management system, it’s definitely something that you should look into. Not only will you drastically reduce your paper usage, but you’ll also save time and resource by automating many of the process that you would otherwise be doing manually. 

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