Three easy ways to use Facebook to increase your direct bookings

1 min. read
Published 30 Oct. 2018

When Facebook released its Q4 results in January, it was estimated that the average Facebook user spends around 41 minutes per day on the site. These quick steps will help you boost your property's reach on the social network, so you can hopefully benefit from more direct bookings in the process.

1. Keep your Facebook profile up to date
A dormant account is a waste. Make sure you're sharing great photos of your property, information about upcoming events, and any special packages or last-minute availability on offer. Facebook is a great way to keep all your followers up to date with what's going on, so don't let updating your profile fall by the wayside.

2. Consider investing in ads
To increase your exposure, it's worth looking at Facebook's advertising opportunities. Their clever algorithms can target specific age ranges and geographical locations, so you can get that all important last-minute rate in front of people who aren't yet following your page.

3. Add a booking button
"I can take direct bookings through Facebook?!" I hear you exclaim. Yep – you heard correctly. Potential guests can book a night away at your place there and then. (Provided you're using a good property management system like Inn Style of course). Here's a handy guide that explains how to set this up.

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