Why it's time to rethink the blanket ban on hens and stags

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Published 20 May. 2019

With the average-age-at-marriage on the rise, it seems that sophisticated get-togethers have begun to replace the traditional alcohol-fuelled stag and hen dos. We're talking paintballing, go karting, wine tasting and afternoon tea – in other words, activities that don't necessarily lead to ruined Persian rugs and vandalised Venetian blinds.

We understand the desire to keep your accommodation in good shape. But it's worth looking at ways to avoid the ill-effects of hen and stag dos without sidestepping these big bookings. 

Have a look at your rules
Instead of avoiding the hens and stags completely, why not consider banning the actual antics instead? There are several steps you can take to reduce risky levels of intoxication. When big parties arrive, let them know the damage for causing – well – damage. Make sure you have a short leaflet that summarises your policies: including corkage fees, guest-per-room limits, and deposits. A quick and cheerful note on your website is a good idea too. 

Supervise the stags and handle the hens: How Inn Style's booking system can help
Inn Style allows you to create custom policies, so you can clearly show guests where you stand on anything from pets, children, and smoking, to stags and hens. You can also set up a deposit to cover your back in the event of any mishaps. What's more, you can process additional charges on a guest's card throughout their stay – whether that's for an extra bottle of champagne, or to fix the chandelier that's now looking slightly worse for wear.

Buddy up with local businesses
Consider partnering up with nearby activities to make the most of the occasion. If you live near a laser quest, a vineyard, or even a zoo, it worth looking into deals and packages that you could offer together.

Pull your finger out, put your thinking cap on
Be sure to promote your own facilities too. If you do great afternoon teas or have an awesome onsite spa, you can tempt potential hens and stags by incorporating these details into packages.

At the end of the day, we know that premarital parties can be a daunting prospect. But it's always good to bear in mind the kind of revenue that these group bookings can bring. 

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