Your brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room

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Published 02 May. 2019

As Jeff Bezos famously said: 'Your brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room.' From a hotelier's point of view, it's essential that these people are therefore saying good things. Otherwise bookings will likely start to decrease.

Understandably, hotels invest a lot of time and money in their image. But not everyone has an extensive budget to do so. Here are some easy ways that you can boost your accommodation's brand without breaking the bank.

1. Revamp your website
Your website is your shop window, so it's vital that it portrays your accommodation at its finest. Make sure your photos are of a high quality, and there are no spelling or grammar mistakes. Your booking pages should seamlessly integrate into your site, too, and branding should be consistent throughout the whole booking process. (Remember – you're asking guests to enter their card details and personal information. If your booking pages look shoddy, people are much less likely to part with their cash.) Want more top tips? Here are five easy ways to reorganise your website like an absolute boss.

2. Know your USP
What makes your hotel stand out? it could be its awesome restaurant, unusual interiors, or second-to-none spa facilities. Whatever your unique selling point might be, make sure you shout about it loud and proud.

3. Focus on customer service
Staff should be friendly, welcoming and trained to the highest standard. On top of providing an efficient service (such as check in/out, room cleaning, and reservation management), they should also be able to recommend local activities, transport links, and new aspects of your hotel or services.

4. Keep in contact
Send your guests a Post Stay email a few days after they've checked out, thanking them for choosing your hotel (and perhaps offering them a small discount on their next visit.) It's a great way to drive loyalty, and continue a great relationship with your guests.

At the end of the day, as our Co Founder Chris will tell you, the important thing to be consistent.

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