A step-by-step guide to hotel marketing

2 min. read
Published 01 Nov. 2018

The idea of ‘marketing your hotel’ can seem like a daunting and never-ending task. That’s why we’ve compiled an easy to do list that will guide you through the basics.

Up your game on social media
There are social sites left, right and centre – but the key to a successful social media strategy is to only focus on the ones that actually work. Twitter is a great way to share photos and last-minute availability. Instagram is awesome for beautiful images of your property, grounds and restaurant. Facebook pages are useful for driving more direct bookings, and getting reviews from your guests. Any more than that, and you’ll probably get a bit swamped – so start small, and see how you go.

Optimise your website
A few small changes to your website content can make a huge difference. Put yourselves in your guests’ shoes: what kind of words are they likely to be searching to come across your hotel? Once you’ve worked this out, you can work these strong keywords into the relevant content on your site, to maximise the chance of being found. The more popular your site becomes, the more likely you are to generate those extra bookings.

Email marketing
Without a doubt, this is still one of the best ways of keeping in contact with your guests. Consider setting up a Post Stay Email with a welcome back discount code to entice people to come again. Just head to Account > Customised Emails to set up the email (don’t forget to use the useful magic tags to personalise them). Discount Codes are managed within the Prices tab of your account. If you fancy running a one-off email campaign, simply download your guests' email addresses by running a report from the Insights tab.

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