Four inspirational poems to cheer up your day

2 min. read
Published 22 Mar. 2019

This Thursday was #WorldPoetryDay. And we at Inn Style HQ took it very seriously.

Here's a short selection of the words that were whipping their way around the office.

Entry #1: Inspired by this jazzy tune.

Hey hey, good lookin’
Do you have online booking?
How’s about giving Inn Style a call today?

‘But why?’ you ask.
‘Cos we’ll streamline admin and tasks
So you'll have more free time in your day.

Entry #2: Our attempt at a limerick.

There once was a tired hotelier,
Who reckoned he could be much livelier,
He started using Inn Style,
And with a huge smile,
Delegated his workload elsewhere.

Entry #3: A provocative Haiku.

Inn Style is awesome.
Affordable, too.
Call us and see why.

And finally...

Entry #4: A hotelier's favourite things.

Nice, friendly guests
Who check in with a smile,
And leave their rooms tidy
Make hosting worthwhile.

Repeat guests are great guests
Come winter or spring,
And awesome reviews
Are our favourite thing.

To top it all off, we've just been notified that National Poetry Day is 3rd October 2019. Keep your eyes peeled for even more awesome hotel-themed poems in just a few months time.