First impressions count: Why room design is crucial to your property's success

2 min. read
Published 13 Jun. 2019

Whether you're just starting out in the accommodation sector, or simply wanting to revamp your rooms, have a read of our top tips for inspirational interiors.

Assess the space
Is the room large with high ceilings? Or a cosy attic space with traditional beams and a wonky floor? It's vital to understand what you're working with in order to inject a bit of personality and warmth into the interiors. Everything from the amount of natural light your windows let in, to where your plug sockets are situated can have a positive (or negative) effect on your guests' stay.

Mix things up
Don't be afraid to try something new. Consider using more than one accent colour, or a variety of shapes of furniture to create an interesting and unique space. Try and avoid these common interior design mistakes when making your decisions.

Be bold
Sometimes it's good to step away from the traditional muted hues, and opt for a brighter, bolder, and more eye-catching colour palette. It's not always easy to do, but there's a great range of colours and paint companies out there to help you get started.

Think green
 Incorporate an environmental update into your interiors overhaul with these little tricks. We're becoming ever-more conscious of our impact on the environment, so this is a great way to appeal to guests who already understand the issues, and educate others on adopting some more sustainable practices.

Give people choice
Single, twin, queen, double, king – there's a great variety of bed sizes out there. If you're lucky enough to have lots of rooms at your hotel, consider offering different bed sizes to appeal to all budgets, occasions and guests.

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