Behind the scenes at Inn Style #2

3 min. read
Published 25 Jul. 2019

This month we welcomed Christie to the Product Support team in Canada. We hope you think she's as awesome as we do.

Why did you choose to work at Inn Style?
I've worked in hospitality for years, but I've always had an interest in technology that I've never pursued. After university, I moved abroad to work and travel in remote locations in beautiful British Columbia. I heard about the Inn Style position whilst out here, and it seemed to have the perfect balance of socialising and geekiness. It offered creative freedom, the opportunity to use my brain, and allowed me to gain a foothold into the tech industry. Plus I get to work from wherever I want in the world, which is pretty rad. 

What were you up to before?
Skiing in winter and hiking in summer, supported by baking professionally and learning to build websites in Whistler.
An accurate representation of the rest of the Inn Style team, now we know that Christie bakes a good apple pie.
Which Inn Style users are on your accommodation wish list?
I’m only just getting to know our properties, but some have definitely caught my eye already. The Dell of Abernethy is pretty high on the list, as is Tiskita Jungle Lodge in Costa Rica. They both look amazing. I think I’ll start making a wish list of dream properties!

In which countries would you like to see more Inn Style customers?
Canada, duh! It would be awesome to build a personal relationship with property owners out here, and the hospitality industry is booming.

What are you looking forward to over the next few months at the company?
Growing my skillset, making new friendships and being made CEO (kidding). 

What's on your bucket list?
Hike from Mexico to Canada, take the Trans-Siberian Railway, and visit French Polynesia. Also make the perfect banh mi tofu. 

What's the best bit about the job?
Seeing such a large variety of vacation destinations (not great for my travel addiction, though), helping people learn how to use the software, and being part of a fantastic team. Even though Joe and I work remotely, we feel like we're part of the awesome office environment and we talk to the UK team daily. 

Favourite thing to do on the weekend?
Mountain bike, ski, go whale spotting and drink craft beer!

What burning questions would you like to ask Christie and the team? Feel free to tweet us @InnStyleHQ and let us know!