Behind the scenes at Inn Style #3

2 min. read
Published 06 Aug. 2019

Meet Hannah: Head of Operations, part-time runner, full-time comedy genius. (Most of the time.) We caught up with her earlier this week to ask a few burning questions.

What's your role at Inn Style?
Head of Operations. What does that mean? I do a little bit of everything: making sure that everyone has what they need to do their jobs to the best of their ability.  I speak to partners, customers, staff and management on a daily basis, to provide support, keep the train on the track, and make sure everything's moving in the right direction.

What does a typical day look like?
There isn't one! I support the team in their day-to-day tasks,  and work closely with the management team on all projects including development work and partners' agreements. I also speak to customers to make sure they're getting the most out of their Inn Style account. I do all the HR stuff too – but we’re lucky that, as we’re a small team, most of the HR things I do are really positive and therefore I enjoy doing them. 

Why, how and when did you choose to work at Inn Style?
I joined Inn Style in July 2016, after several conversations with Chris (our CTO) about how I could contribute to the growing business. I’d been running hotels and restaurants since leaving uni in 2005, so I have a good understanding of hotel operations and the challenges our customers are likely to face. I also had lots of experience in managing people, which would prove to be useful as the company has almost doubled in size since I joined. 

What's the best bit about the job?
Seeing the team do great stuff, and having happy customers as a result of everyone's hard work. 

What's your favourite Inn Style feature?
Oh, there are too many to mention! I love that the system is so easy-to-use and makes day-to-day operations much more manageable for our customers. 

What does great hospitality mean to you?
Exceptional service that isn’t too intrusive, and a friendly smile. 

Which Inn Style properties are on your bucket list?
The Kasiiya properties in Costa Rica – they're beautiful. 

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