The importance of plug sockets

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Published 02 Oct. 2018

The rise of people working remotely (and the rise of the rest of us sharing holiday snaps on social media – #blessed), means that everybody’s looking to stay as connected as possible.

It’s never been more crucial to ensure your hotel’s WiFi is – quite literally – up to speed. Not only that, but it’s vital you’ve properly thought about the feng shui of your rooms. Poorly placed plugs could lead to some seriously shirty customers.

Here’s why.

Let’s use Graham as an example. Graham spends a great deal of time travelling for business. Often up to three nights a week. (Lucky Graham – that’s a lot of hotel breakfasts). Despite the initial glamour that inevitably comes with travel, there are also downsides. 

The worst of all? 

When there’s no plug socket within easy reach of the bed.

In this day and age, the majority of us will check our phones before going to sleep. (Admit it – you know you do too). You might send one last email, check your family Whatsapp group, or maybe binge–watch a couple of cat videos on Youtube. Perhaps (most likely) you just set an alarm for the next morning.

This lack of a bedside plug socket might seem small and insignificant. But for people like Graham, it’s increasingly infuriating. 

Graham uses his phone as an alarm. But as there’s often no bedside plug to charge his mobile overnight, he’s forced to choose between two less than ideal scenarios.

  1. Keep his phone on the bedside table. Quickly turn off alarm in morning. Spend rest of day desperately trying to charge diminishing phone battery at every opportunity. Feel slightly grumpy at said lack of phone juice.
  2. Charge phone at poorly placed plug on other side of room. Leap out of bed at sound of alarm (no opportunity to hit snooze button). Stumble blearily across hotel room to silence alarm. Inevitably tread on something in dark room. Walk into side of bed/desk/wardrobe on way back to bed. Commence day in slightly annoyed and/or bruised fashion (but with fully charged phone).

Either way, Graham probably isn’t likely to recommend your hotel to his very important business associates (even if he does perk up after the awesome breakfast).

So – what can you do to change this?

Rewiring the electrics takes time and money. But there are a couple of thoughtful touches you can add that’ll go a long way to placating busy business travellers like Graham.

  1. Offer to charge phones at breakfast or dinner (make sure you tell guests on check in that this is an option).
  2. Go one step further and provide them with a portable charger they can keep for the duration of their stay.
  3. Tuck an extension cable into the bedside table.
The result? A happy and productive Graham. Who's likely to recommend you to his colleagues.

It's also worth investing in a couple of world adaptors for international guests who might have forgotten theirs.

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