How to offer a personalised experience for your international guests

2 min. read
Published 01 May. 2019

1. Understand where your guests are coming from
Consider embedding Google Analytics into your website to work out which areas of the world are visiting your site, and what website pages are most popular. Then think about offering a few tailored promotions on these pages to get those guests to book. Check out some useful ideas here.

2. Be welcoming
Break down language barriers by communicating in a friendly and effective manner before the guest arrives. Why not send them a customised confirmation email? As well as including useful info such as booking details and directions, it's also a great opportunity to encourage guests to get in contact if they have questions. Or you can set up a Booking Question to ask where they're visiting from. If your hotel has a restaurant, it's worth investing in a few menus in different languages, too.

3. Be respectful
Be mindful of different cultures, and what may be considered offensive or unacceptable. It's worth offering a few different options for breakfasts too, so you can cater for guests that have particular dietary restrictions.

4. Share your local recommendations
One of the best things about going away is getting the opportunity to explore somewhere new.  Share your knowledge with your guests, so that they can see and do the best of what's nearby – not just visiting the tourist hotspots.

5. Ask for feedback
Send guests a Post Stay email a few days after they've checked out to ask for feedback. Include links to your accommodation on Google, Facebook, or TripAdvisor – and then make sure you check these sites regularly to see which areas of your business could do with some improvement. Remember to always respond to feedback appropriately. You could also encourage guests to sign a visitors book at reception.

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