Selling is hard (15 reasons to choose our booking system)

2 min. read
Published 07 Mar. 2019

We hope this quick brainstorm gets you thinking why you should activate that trial account and give Inn Style a whirl.

The hardest bit about any business is the selling. Convincing you to ditch your current methodology and adopt another just isn't very easy.

Or is it?

We thought it'd help if we jotted down some reasons why you might choose our booking system...

Here's what we came up with.

  1. You'll be up and running in seconds. No hoop-jumping. No problems. No software to install. Any updates are as easy as refreshing the browser.
  2. It’s completely mobile and tablet friendly. All you need is internet connection.
  3. You can add unlimited accommodation types and rates, and take unlimited bookings.
  4. Automate those boring and repetitive tasks, like sending confirmation emails.
  5. Process card payments safely and securely at the click of a button. No need for a merchant account. 
  6. Sync prices and availability to OTAs such as and Expedia.
  7. Avoid double bookings. (That's a biggie).
  8. Download guest data instantly to use in your favourite CRM.
  9. Print receipts and statements for guests.
  10. Send payment requests for deposits or balances, and be notified when guests pay.
  11. Charge for optional extras (up-selling made easy).
  12. We listen to your feature requests.
  13. Fast and friendly support from real people. We'll set up your account, transfer your existing bookings, and provide training and support whenever you need it – all for no extra cost.
  14. Integrate Inn Style into your website with two lines of code. Now you can take bookings while you’re asleep/at the shops/slightly inebriated at a party.
  15. And the most important reason? Showing your availability on your website will avoid constant phone calls about that Saturday night that’s been booked solid for eight weeks.
This is by no means a definitive or refined list. But that's not the point.

Hopefully this is just the encouragement you need to give us a call, and organise that free demo. 

Feel free to give us call on 0800 133 7500 or register your interest here. I promise we're nice, helpful people.