Why Switch to Inn Style?

Unless you’re having a terrible time with your current booking system, convincing you to move to Inn Style won’t be easy. We know that.

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We are all creatures of habit. We like what we know. Your current solution may be far from perfect, but you’ve found clever workarounds for all the quirks and glitches.

And you know what? We’re humble enough to know that our customers probably have some workarounds in our product, too.

The real difference is that we want to know about them. We want you to tell our dedicated customer support team if setting up something is a pain. Go on – phone David, Kate, Ronelle or Emma and have a grumble. Not only will they listen, but they’ll also act on it.

That’s the beauty of working with a small company like Inn Style.

We don’t have endless rows of desks where headset-wearing agents are ready to take your call. There are no incentives to get rid of you quickly on our live chat.

We’re a smart-thinking bunch of designers, ex-travel agents, programmers, ex-hoteliers, and tourism marketers.

Building something that really does make every day a little bit easier for you.

Like examples? With one mouse click you’ve sent Mrs Johnstone an email requesting the outstanding balance of her booking. Mrs J follows the link in the email, pops in her credit card details, and you’re notified of her payment instantly. Balance collection made easy.

In fact, Inn Style is packed with loads of great little features like this that’ll shave minutes and minutes off all your daily chores.

But it’s not just about the back-office stuff. Sure, the emails and statements and reports are important, but the real lifeblood of your accommodation business is in direct bookings.

So it’s reassuring to know we’ll get you more direct bookings.

Yes, that’s a pretty bold claim. But we stand by it because we know our guest booking process is much slicker than what others offer.

If you want guests to book online from their mobile phone, then you’ve come to the right place. If you’d prefer they lose the will to live on step four of a seven-step process, then other booking systems are certainly available.

Oh, and we’re not having any of that “oh my website’s not very good, so no-one will book online anyway” nonsense. If you need a good-looking, simple website, we can do that for you too. Free with any of our paid plans. (And if you’d like a few more bells and whistles, we can recommend some of the best web designers in the business.)

For those times when you just can’t sell the room directly, we’ve got super-flexible integrated distribution with Booking.com and Expedia. If you’re worried about double bookings, these are the integrations for you. Our reservation retrieval times from Booking.com are so fast and reliable that several of their engineers wasted hours trying to find a bug that scored us at 100% for months on end. Turns out it wasn’t a bug.
If you’re still reading, and still need convincing, then take a look at our pricing.

No hidden costs,  no lengthy tie-ins.

Just a simple, fixed month-to-month price that’ll be less than the cost of a one night stay.

Like the lovely folks at Bodalwyn and Coed-Y-Glyn, you’ll probably find that Inn Style pays for itself for at least a year within your first month of using it.

No, we don’t have a free version. We think Inn Style is better than that. It’s worth paying for. But if you sincerely do not feel the same, we’ll give you your money back. That’s our price promise. We don’t mind making promises.

Here’s another big promise: we’ll make switching as pain-free as we can.

We’ll help you load your inventory, rates and previous bookings. We’ll talk you through it and walk you through it. But like many of our existing customers, you’ll probably just grasp it all very quickly and wonder why you didn’t join us sooner.

Unconvinced?  Email team@innstyle.co.uk and tell us why.

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